EAUNwebinar: Assessment and nursing management of refractory chronic pelvic pain

Dr. S. Terzoni (IT)
Dr. G. Gaia (IT)
Dr. D.K. Newman (US)
Prof. B.M.C. Rocco (IT)
Dr. M.C. Sighinolfi (IT)
Dr. S. Terzoni (IT)
Date & time
Wednesday, 14 September 2022, 19:00 - 20:15 CET

In this webinar we aim to discuss the methods of evidence-based patient assessment from a nurses’ point of view, the strategies that can be used by nurses in clinical practice to create a solid therapeutic relationship, an evidence-based set of criteria for deciding whether transcutaneous neuromodulation of sacral roots is appropriate, and the practical criteria for applying such treatment.

Contact information
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